Friday, April 1, 2011

In His Perfect Timing

I learned a very important lesson this week.  Well, perhaps not learned it for the first time, but was reminded of it. 

For the past year, my children and I have been a part of a homeschool community that meets once a week.  We absolutely LOVE it and it has quickly grown to be the highlight of our week! The only problem, is that it is about 45 minutes away.  That's why, this year, we had decided to start one of our own right here in our community!

Now, I should note that I was VERY apprehensive at first about starting my own.  We had just made the decision to adopt (which is a huge under-taking in and of itself), and then here I was contemplating taking on another big task as well.  However, the more my husband and I prayed about it, the more we felt that this was the right time.  I quickly set to work, organizing informational meetings, talking with possible host churches and various other responsibilities.  A month and a half into the process, I began to feel discouraged though.  We still hadn't secured a facility, and although we had had a TON of interest from other homeschoolers, without a building, our group would not happen.    I began to ask...."God, are we on the right path?"  "Had we heard correctly?"  "Was this really YOU?"

On Tuesday morning, at my women's bible study, we had been talking about how so often God will allow us to move along in our own strength.  We'll get frustrated and wonder why He's not moving.  It isn't until WE step aside and let HIM move, that we begin to see results. 

The thing is....I already knew this.  I've been at this place before when I have finally allowed God to be God and take control.  I've seen Him provide just the perfect amount of money needed at just the right time.  I've seen Him provide encouragement through others when I needed it most.  I've seen Him provide for our family time and time again, always in His perfect timing.  And yet, here I was, just like the Israelites, forgetting what He had done for me.  Essentially, forgetting His very nature. 

That night, I began to pray and pour my heart out to Him.  I surrendered my agenda, and asked Him to take control.  If this homeschool community was meant to be, then I asked Him to provide.  If not, then close the door.   I was done trying to make it happen in my own strength.  And just like God does so often, it is in THAT moment, and not a second before, that God begins to move. 

The next day, I received an email.  A large church from the area had been told about what we were looking to start and wanted to partner with us.  They were, not only willing to allow us to use their facility all next year, but EXCITED to work with us.  AND, they were going to allow us to use it for FREE!!  WOW!  I had not done a thing.  I had not picked up the phone.  I had not driven out to the church and talked to anyone.  I had simply surrendered, and in His perfect timing, He had provided.  And not only provided a building, but one beyond my expectations. Why?  So that no man could get the glory.  Kirsten Gregoire did nothing.  It was all HIM.  Isn't God good?

Sometimes my flesh wishes that things did not work this way.  Sometimes I wish that I could plan it all out and take the glory for myself.  It would be easier, in some respects, doing things on my own time table.  But that would not be faith.  "Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see." (Hebrews 11:1)  It is trusting in an unseen God and knowing that His timing is always perfect.  Even when it doesn't make sense.  Even when we are not sure what the outcome will be.  Or WHEN it will be.  It is trusting, that although our plans may be good, His are always better. 

Before I go, here are a few pics of the kids doing school from home today.  Oh, how blessed we are!!

After our math lessons today, we put math into practice and worked on our measurement equivilents.

Just add water, and math becomes FUN!



  1. What an awesome testimony! and a great reminder! We serve such a great God.

    (awesome homeschool pictures!) Love it!

  2. what a great testimony of the provision of our God. His very nature is: He is the God who sees our need in advance and provides for us in the exact moment we need it. His timing, not ours...tough lesson to learn but there is great peace knowing His love for us will never fail. Love the pictures of the kids, especially Sophia acting like a big girl doing math projects!