Sunday, July 31, 2011


"Where are you at in the process?" 

It's a question we hear quite frequently ever since we started our adoption.  Most times our response is much of the same:  paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.  And to be perfectly honest, most days I don't mind the paperwork all that much.  :)

So, where are we at right now you ask?  At this point much of our paperwork is behind us.  Instead we are waiting for a few key pieces to arrive in the mail (MY passport, our fingerprint appointment with the FBI, our Power of Attorney form that has been sent to Harrisburg to be state certified and our Favorable Determination Letter from the Department of Homeland Security).  Once all of these pieces arrive, we will be ready to send our dossier along to Ethiopia!  We are hoping to have everything together and sent off before the end of the summer when we head off on vacation.  WE'RE ALMOST THERE!!  At that point, we will be placed on a waiting list indefinitely, until a child is referred to us.

Even MORE exciting, is that to date, we have raised/saved $17,000 towards bringing our child home!!!  That is more than HALFWAY to our goal of $30,000.   If you have followed our story from the beginning, then you have heard this before.  But literally, when we signed our contract only 5 MONTHS ago, we had zero dollars to put towards an adoption.  Zero.  Nada.  Nil.  (Is that right?  I'm kind-of notorious for getting those sayings wrong. :)  We simply were stepping out in faith, trusting that when God calls, He equips.  Within those few short months, we have been completely blessed and blown away by the generosity of friends, family and STRANGERS.  We have also noticed (non-coincidentally) that Charles' work has been blessed, thus increasing his paychecks.  Adoption expenses that we would never have been able to afford just a year or two ago......suddenly the money is there.  Truly only something God can take the credit for. 

So....thank you for following us and thanks for thinking to ask how the process is going.  We love sharing how God is using it to teach us about HIM and His provision!


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  1. Kirsten, that is so awesome that you have $17,000 toward adoption. I guess I better move forward and get my passport :>) This baby may be here sooner than we thought. How awesome is our God.