Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vacation Pics

Well, it's been pretty quiet here in blog world this week because we've been on VACATION!!!  24 people....8 adults and 16 grandkids, all under the age of 12, all under ONE roof!!  So, so, so, so fun!  Here are some of our pics from the week.

Duck, North Carolina

16 grandkids in birth order. :)

Proud grandparents

Visiting the Wright Brothers Museum.  Sophie was less than thrilled to be strapped in her seat. :)


Wright Brothers Monument

Jack wasn't feeling the family photo.


The kids spent hours working on this sand castle.

LOVE this!

Back at the house...

The Peterson's - Charles' sister and her family.  Six kids with one on the way. :)

Not really sure why this photo downloaded all stretched out.  Definitely wasn't like that originally!!
Charles' brother and his family from Slovakia.  Six kids, expecting #7 in 6 weeks!

So, that was our vacay.  Feeling very thankful.  We had a great time and got back just in time to start school yesterday.  More on that later....

Ok, off to bed now. Thanks for sharing life with us.  :)


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