Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Monthly Update :)

The past few weeks, God has really been stirring me to begin praying for our adoption. Not simple, "Bless our adoption" type prayers; but bold, specific, faith-filled prayers.  He's awoken me in the wee hours of the morning to pray, roused me in the shower, and kept it at the forefront of my thoughts for days on end.  I know He is moving, even when it seems like not much is happening these days.

Specifically, I had been praying that God would allow us to be encouraged this month.  That there would be SOME movement in the right direction.  Over and over this month, God has reminded me that HE alone causes governments to rise and fall. That HE is in control of ALL things.  That HE is good, and we can trust Him.  Time and time again, I have had to allow myself  to be comforted by these truths.  Strengthened.  Emboldened even.

Well, the end of the month brought our monthly update for our adoption.  Honestly, given the past few months, and how it has seemed like we have BARELY moved, our expectations weren't too high, despite specific prayers to the contrary.

At the end of January, we were holding steady at #85.  Today?

Surprise!  We moved FIVE spots!  That is the most movement we've seen in months. We'll take it. 

This morning, our pastor talked about praying audacious prayers.  It's been on my heart all day.  Are my simple-minded, faithless, rote prayers insulting to the King of the universe?  Isn't He capable of so much more than I even dare to ask for??

So, for next month, I'm shamelessly asking God to move us down another five spots.  Charles told me to ask for 20.  I'm not quite THAT audacious yet. ;)  Baby steps people!

In the meantime, I'm thinking through some other areas in my life where I could afford to ask more boldly.  What about you?  What has He put on YOUR heart lately??  What is He waiting for you to pray specifically about today?


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