Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5 Reasons You Should NOT Adopt :)

Reason #1:  ADOPTION IS TOO EXPENSIVE -  One of the most common questions we have heard throughout the adoption process has been, "Why is adoption so expensive?"  And quite frankly, we don't know.  A child needs a home......a family is willing to provide one.  So, where does the problem come in???  Here's the thing though that we have learned.....regardless of how much an adoption costs, we have a heavenly daddy who is in the habit of providing for the things He favors, and He favors the adoption of orphans into forever families.  We have seen evidence of this over and over in our own lives.  When we first made the decision to adopt, there was no secret fund.  We did not have money set aside, or a savings account set-up for this.  Charles remodels bathrooms and I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mama of 4 kids.  Some months, we  JUST.  GET.  BY.  And yet, within just a few short months, God has provided over $18,000!!!  People, get excited with me!!!  That is incredible!!  And we cannot take credit.  Not one iota.  :)

Reason #2:  MY HOUSE IS NOT BIG ENOUGH - Well, mine isn't.  Period.  In case you have never been to our home, we live in a 1,700 square foot, 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath townhome, AND WE ALREADY HAVE 4 KIDS!!  There are certainly days when I wonder how we will make it work, but then I am reminded.  And humbled.  And grateful.  Grateful for the roof over our heads, and the clean water that we drink, and the closets full of clothes.  And I am reminded that we have so much.  So very much.  And it is in those moments, that I am able to look at what we have with a new perspective.  So....we may have to wait a little longer in line for the bathroom.  Maybe we have to re-organize closets, even give away some of our "stuff" to make more room.  But you know what?  I'm OK with that.  Because in the end, I know that it won't matter how big the house, or the amount of "things" that adorned it's walls.  It will be the love and the memories that were formed there.   

Reason #3:  WE HAVE A LOT GOING ON ALREADY - Oh, how I can relate!!!  This was the VERY thing I said to God when I felt Him laying the idea of adoption on our hearts.  "But God!!!  We already have so much on our plates!  Why this?  Why NOW?"   To tell you the truth, there are days when I wonder "Can we really do FIVE kids?!!!?"  Heck, some days I wonder if I am even equipped to do one! 

But then, I am reminded.....

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
~2 Corinthians 12:9

Nothing pleases God more then when one of His children, willingly acknowledge that they NEED Him. That they can't do it on their own.  When we do this, we surrender our lives to Him, and in the end, it brings glory to the Father.  

Reason #4:  WE ALREADY HAVE KIDS....."OF OUR OWN" - Sadly, we have come up against this thinking.  People constantly seem perplexed as to why, a couple, who seemingly has not struggled with infertility, would adopt.  Especially when we already have 4 bio kids.  But the truth of the matter is, there are 147 MILLION children in this world without a mommy and a daddy.  Without a family.  Without a home and without food to eat.  That statistic just doesn't sit right with me.  And it shouldn't with you either.  Especially when I look into the innocent faces of those four littles whom I birthed and wonder, "What if the roles had been reversed??"  What if it weren't "them", but us??  What if my children were just another statistic?  Would their lives matter enough for someone to take a chance on them?

Reason #5:  ADOPTION INVOLVES TOO MUCH "RED TAPE" - Let's be honest.  Sometimes it does.  :)  The journey to adopt can be a difficult one with many ups and downs.  Although we have not experienced any of this yet (and Lord-willing, will not!!), we have known others who have.  The potential "problems" that could come up, many times, are enough to scare people away.  But in reality, getting pregnant and having babies "the old-fashioned way", isn't without risk either. Pregnancy can be physically draining on the body, and unfortunately, we are not always guaranteed a healthy, happy baby in the end. 

Now, please let me clarify.  I do not think that everyone is called to adopt internationally.  I don't even think that everyone is called to adopt.  Period.  But for some of you, the very reason you read this blog may be that God is also laying the idea of adoption on your heart.  And you have so many reasons why it just couldn't work. I have been there!!!

Or....maybe it is not adoption at all.  Maybe God has placed another plan on your heart. He uses us all differently you know?  In order for us to truly BE THE BODY, we all have a different function, and that is OK.  What has He placed on your heart to do?  And what are your excuses?

This week I finished up reading the book of Jonah.  Although I am obviously familiar with the Sunday School version of the story, I had never actually read the book for myself.  Oh, how I could relate!!  More than I cared to admit.  Jonah??  Really??  Oh, why couldn't I be more like Paul!! :)

In the book of Jonah, the prophet is instructed by God to head to Ninevah to tell the people of God's impending judgement.  It was a people who were far from God.  Who were down-right cruel to the Israelites.  And Jonah?  Well, he didn't like them much.  And although you would have thought he would have taken great pleasure in this task, Jonah knew something about God.  He knew God's compassionate and merciful side.

"I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity."
~Jonah 4:2

And because Jonah knew this, because he did not want to see God's forgiveness extended to the city of Ninevah, he had some excuses of his own.  So, what did he do?  He ran.  He ran from God, as far as he could go, in hopes that God would not ask of him to do this very thing.  Oh My.  How I've been there before.  Every one of those reasons you see at the top of this post, are me running from God.  They are MY excuses.  MY insecurities.  MY reasons for not doing the very things that I knew God had placed on our hearts. 

The good news to this story, however, is that God does not give up on us, even in our short-comings.  He pursues us.  Even when we don't want to be pursued.  And once He's gotten our attention, He sets us right back on the path He wants us to go.  Of course there is more to the story of Jonah.  A thrilling storm at sea.  An adventure into the belly of a great fish.  A city on it's knees in worship.  But that's for you to go and read on your own.  To see how the story ends.

For now, I am praying that you would ask Him, "What is it that you would have ME do?"  For His glory.  For His fame. 


Without excuses.  Without running the other way. 


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