Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Week!!!

We were celebrating Joseph this week....Gregoire style!  Yes, in our house, that means birthday WEEK!  A whole, glorious week of all things birthday.  Special plate, favorite foods, movie picks, parties and so much more!!!  Here is a look at how we celebrated our newly six year-old:

Hot Chocolate in bed followed by birthday breakfast at Friendly's

Joseph's birthday dinner request:  hot dogs and french fries :)

Birthday boy

It's movie night.....followed by a sleepover in the basement.

Happy Birthday Joseph!!!

A baseball-themed party

Joseph wanted nothing more than to play baseball with his friends in the backyard.

Love this picture!!!

What a fun birthday present....digging up dinosaur bones.  Thanks Pappas'!

We love you so very much Joseph Charles!!  Thanks for being the sweet, boisterous and incredibly passionate little boy that God created you to be.  So thankful for these past 6 years with you.  

Love, Mommy

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