Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Got Coffee??

A day in the life of....well, me. :)

6:00am - Alarm goes off.  Another day.  Morning came way too quickly....again.  Hit the snooze button.

6:07am - Hit snooze again.

6:14am - Hit snooze again.

6:21am - You get the idea.

7:00am - Finally up.  NEED.  COFFEE.

7:05am - Slippers.  Check.  Bible.  Check.  COFFEE.  Check.   Cozy couch with warm, fuzzy blanket.  Check.  Check.

8:00am - Kids start to trickle downstairs.

8:05am - Wait!  What's that I hear?  Laughter?  No, yelling.  Trudge back up the stairs.

8:10am - "He's in my room!!!!"  More yelling.  Some tears.  A couple of foot stomps.  One wet bed.  Start the laundry.

8:15am - Get the kids dressed, teeth brushed and hair brushed.  We're doing good.

8:30am - Oldest daughter starts breakfast for everyone.  Stick coffee in the microwave to heat up.  Still 2/3rd's full.  Walk away.

8:45am -French Toast is served!  Bible time around the breakfast table.  A stray elbow knocks over a cup of milk.  Milk spills all over work.  *Sigh*

9:15am - Spill is cleaned up.  Breakfast is finished and bible stuff is all put away.  Out comes the school work.  While my back is turned loading up the dishwasher, the Lego bin is dumped out all over the kitchen floor, the boys start a sword-fighting duel, and a small tornado whips through my house at lightning speed.  Someone is yelling for me from the bathroom.  Give some quick instructions and then head down the hall.  Just a little poop on the floor.  No biggie.

9:30am - Mess is cleaned up.  Crisis averted.  WHERE IS MY COFFEE??  Check microwave.  Cold.  Set for another minute.  Ahhh...perfect.  Nice and hot.  Move onto memory work.  Math.  Reading.

10:30am - Quick!  Run upstairs and switch over the laundry.  Handwriting (a few tears).  Science experiment (a couple CHEERS!). 

--Temporary interruption due to two small children who shall remain nameless; creating a little science experiment of their own. ;) --

11:15am - Spelling test.  Check.  Vocabulary review.  Check.  History lesson.  Check.

12:15pm - BREATHE.....The kids scatter.  It's free time.  Time to think about lunch.  Pick up a couple random things off the floor.  One sock.  A handful of rogue Legos.  Some play food.  Not sure what the point is.  There's a lot more where these came from.  Collapse into a chair.  Finally I remember.  "Hey! My coffee!  Where DID it get to??"

I should have known. :)

All in all, I count that as a GREAT morning!!!  I think I may just about have the best job ever. :)


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