Friday, February 3, 2012

The Waiting Game

I never really thought the wait would get to me.  I didn't.  We're certainly excited to adopt, and every month we anxiously await our updates from our social worker.  That being said though, life is full right now, and I honestly thought we'd be able to keep ourselves so busy that it would take our minds off the fact that we are

And waiting.

And   W.....A......I......T........I........N.........G

This week, however, I have started to feel the strain of the wait.  The other day we received our monthly update. looks like we'll be waiting some more. :)  In the past month, we have gone down ONE spot.  We are now officially, #85.  So sad when you consider that there are literally MILLIONS of orphaned children throughout the world.  5 million alone in Ethiopia.  :(

I'm starting to feel like we are on the slow-track to a perfectly healthy baby boy or girl.  This was never our intention though.  Now, we're trying to pray through our parameters to make sure that they accurately portray our hearts and the direction we feel God is leading us.  Certainly we trust God's timing and know that when our new child joins our family, it will not be a day sooner or later than He ordains it.  Still, we can't help but to feel some discouragement by the wait and the lack of movement we have seen thus far.  Trying to remind myself that we've only officially been "waiting" for a few where near the 18 months that was originally projected.

Praying specifically for wisdom and favor with God and man (Luke 2:52).  Praying also for patience and a faith that doesn't waver with uncertainty.  As always, we covet your prayers for us!  Trusting that as we press into Him, He will be faithful to guide our steps.

Thanks friends!  We feel blessed to be on this journey with you!


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