Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Resurrection Weekend!

Alright, alright.  So I know I'm a little late in the game, but we JUST pulled out our Easter stuff at the beginning of this week.  With normal housework, homeschooling, testing last week, and just LIFE in general, Easter kind-of snuck up on me.

But it's Friday, and Sunday's coming!

So here's a look back at this week and all the fun things we have done to prepare for Easter:

Seriously.  2 dozen hard boiled eggs.  Eaten up in 24 hours.  Crazy!

Sophie was so happy to be dyeing her own eggs!

I just couldn't resist this sweet, sweet smile from Joseph!

Why Easter eggs?  They represent new beginnings.  A new life transformed by the resurrecting power of Jesus.

Out came the books.  The Resurrection Eggs.  The Jesus Film movie.  My kids LOVED reading, and telling (and retelling!) the Easter story.  Even Sophie.  Too cute!

Every year we do our own Passover dinner with our family.  It has become something our kids talk about all year.  We retell the Exodus story, letting the kids act it out as we go.  Waving the palm branches, painting the doorposts, and parting the Red Sea with a staff.  We talk about how each part of that familiar Old Testament story points to the New Testament Jesus. 

Making Resurrection Rolls!

And......eating them. :)

The kids put together a little Easter basket to take to Mimi this morning.  Cute little Easter bunnies making a delivery.  Made alot of people smile. :)

Love this picture!

I so, so badly wanted to make an Easter garden with the kids this year.  Wasn't on the ball enough to plant early though.  Instead, they collected sticks today and made these for our front planter.  Love! 

The eggs, the books, the baskets......they're are well and good, but it's all just a means to an end.  To point to Him.  Traditions that we've created for our children in hopes that they will lead them to Jesus, our risen Lord, who conquered death and rose again on the third day.

Our family has had a taste of this death-conquering Jesus this year.  There IS power in His name when we cry out to Him.  Power to heal the sick.  To make blind men see.  Even to resurrect from the dead.  All we must do is believe. 

Believe in the One who created the universe.  Who spoke life into being.  Who sent His only Son to die on a cross.  For our sins.  For my sins.  Whose blood was spilled, so that I may have life eternal.  And who, on the third day rose, in all power and glory. Conquering death once and for all, for all who believe.

That is what Easter is all about. 

"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."
~Romans 10:13

I'll leave you with a song I've had stuck in my head all week (you will have to pause the music player at the bottom of this page before playing the video).  Happy Resurrection weekend!



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  1. Hi there,
    I wanted to say hi....even though I should be preparing for teaching lit tommorrow for our homeschooled kids=)

    I know I probably met you at that CC meeting last month but I can't remember if I spoke to you=)

    Anyway, it is rare that I MEET the bloggers I communicate with online=) What a priviledge. I enjoyed your easter picws and I like your blog layout very much.
    My girlfriend is also adopting so I KNOW how exciting the process is...awesome...
    Well back to school.
    Many Blessings,