Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It Just So Happens....Again :)

For anyone who has been keeping up with our story on here, you will know that many curious incidences have "just so happened" to occur over the past couple months or so.  Things that could merely be chalked up to coincidence or chance.  WE know that these "just so happenings" have been nothing short than the providence of a loving, Almighty God.  And so, here we find ourselves again.  Shaking our heads.  Sighing a deep sigh of relief.  Marveling at God's perfect timing.  Saying that phrase over and over to each other at just so happens....again. :)

Well, it just so happens this time, that we received a call from our social worker the other day.  Didn't seem too out of the ordinary at first.  How are you doing?  How's the job search?  Any new news on our part?  And came.  News we weren't even expecting.  Weren't even praying for.  News that our agency had reevaluated their policy on job loss, and had determined that instead of a 3 month grace period, they were extending that to 12 months.


Now, certainly, we are hoping and praying that Charles finds a job MUCH sooner than that.  In fact, he has been called back for a second job interview tomorrow morning.  Still, the weight of a thousand tons seemed to lift off of both of us upon hearing that we were being given more time to secure a job.  Isn't God good??

Today I am praising Him for little glimmers of hope that He reveals just when we need it the most.  Just when we are beginning to feel down...alone...unsure.  He shows up in a "just so happens" kind of way.  Still gets me every time.

Won't you praise Him tonight with us??!?


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  1. How kind of God to bless you in this way! We are praying that Charles will find a job soon, and trusting that God will continue to provide for your every need!