Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thank You!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and words of encouragement this week!  We were so blessed by email after email of people letting us know that they were praying for our home study visit to go well!  And....I think it did! :) 

My mother-in-law was so wonderful helping me clean my house from top to bottom (literally!!) and I spent weeks organizing closets and rooms.  I was so proud of the work we had done, and honestly, I don't even know that our case worker took notice or checked half of it.  Oh well!  At least I have a clean and organized home - for a couple days!!!  :)

So, anyway, at this point we are just waiting to receive our approval for our finalized home study.  Best case scenario?  It could be approved within the next week.  Worst case?  It could bounce back and forth between us and our case worker for a couple weeks because of revisions needing to be made (very normal!).  Obviously, we are praying though that everything goes through quickly!!  Pray along with us that we would have favor with God and man.

Thanks so much for pouring out your love on our family!  Can't wait to update you all soon. :)


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