Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dossier Complete!

Power of Attorney Letters.  Check.
Letter of Intent.  Check.
Passports.  Check.
Completed and approved Home Study.  Check.
Criminal  and Child Abuse Clearances.  Check.
Original Birth Certificates.  Check.
Marriage License.  Check.
Medical Forms.  Check.
Photographs of Family.  Check.
Photographs of interior and exterior of home.  Check.
Employment Letters.  Check.
Letters of Recommendation.  Check.
Financial Statement.  Check.
FBI Fingerprint Appointment.  Check.
Post Adoption Committment Letter.  Check.
Three complete copies of entire dossier.  Check.  Check. Check.

And just like that, our dossier is complete.  We're just waiting to have our fingerprints done on Tuesday and then I'm mailing it in. :)  So, so, so excited and relieved to be through this part of the process.  Our dossier will have to be approved (hopefully BEFORE we go on vacation at the end of the month!), but then we will be waitlisted!

Take a look at our BEFORE family photo:

Charles and Kirsten
Kaya (7), Joseph (5), Jackson (3) and Sophia (1)

Can't wait till the day when we can show you our AFTER photo!  :)  Thanks for all your prayers!



  1. We are so happy for your family! We just completed our home visits and can't wait until we can post that our dossier is complete as well! God bless!