Thursday, January 12, 2012


Just a quick note to make a small correction to my post from last night.  This is from my mother-in-law:

I went to the hospital twice today. And each time I was filled with joy and reverential awe to our God. Anna was much more alert and was able to carry on some conversation. The MRI from yesterday showed no stroke and no bleeding. They did another CT scan this afternoon because she had some tingling in her fingers but everything was fine. When Anna asked when can she go home; the doctor didn't really answer that question, she just said it will take at least 3 days to make the switch from heparin to cumidin. So...there is no time frame for her release from the hospital at this time.

The children got to skype with her this evening and there was much rejoicing and some tears.
Many, many doctors and nurses have stopped by for a "social visit" as they say. The anesthesiologist who did the anesthesia for the c-section stopped by to see Anna today. He came in smiling and said: "I am so happy; I am so happy to see you alive." He went on to tell us that he was the anesthesiologist for both the c-section and the next 2 life-saving surgeries. He said that he had taken her breathing tube out from the c-section and was finishing up when things started going horribly wrong. He said usually in a crisis situation there is more than one anesthesiologist - but things happened so fast that there wasn't time to wait. He said he started saying: "God, help me; God, help me." At that, he felt a "force" take over his hands and work swiftly to do what needed to be done.

I told him that it was the Lord Jesus who helped him. He said, yes, I believe it was God. Then he said he worked in a trauma unit for many years and he had never seen anyone make it with a hemoglobin count of 2.9 which Anna's had dropped to just before the 2nd life-saving surgery. Miracle after miracle, that is what we have had the privilege of not only watching but participating in. To God be all the glory. Amen and Amen.

Please continue to pray for complete restoration of her kidneys and blood levels, no infection, hemoglobin to go up to at least 10 and stabilize, optimum cumidin level, and clearer and clearer thinking and whatever else the Lord lays on your heart to pray for. Once again, thanks so much.
So, just wanted to clarify the information on Anna's going home in three days.  I know that anything is possible, but there is still much that needs to happen first.  Please don't grow weary in the praying!!!  Thanks so much!

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