Sunday, January 8, 2012

Taking a Break...

Ok, so I need to start slowing down in my posts.  Really, this is not my norm.  When I saw what an effective tool the blog world could be in terms of prayer, I took advantage of it.  Now, however, I do need to go back to some sort of normalcy.  Tackle the mound of laundry that has overtaken the upstairs hallway.  Scrub the toilets.  Continue on in our homeschooling endeavors. 

I will still post updates on Anna every few days, or certainly if there are any major developments, but now that things are starting to settle down a little, I will not be updating quite as frequently.  Mama needs some down time. :)

If you are looking for more frequent updates, a FB page has been started that lists daily prayer requests and such.  Email me if you are interested in being added to that group and I will go ahead and do that.  In the meantime, please continue to check back in!  We look forward to the day when we can announce that Anna is on her way home to be with her sweet family.

That'a all for now!!  Heading to the airport in a bit to pick up my husband.  So looking forward to him coming home.  Thanks for all your continued prayers!  :)


Here is the last FB message posted by my MIL:

Dear Prayer Warriors,
Just returned from the hospital.
Well, we have taken a couple of steps backwards but still have some things for which to praise God.

The neurologist said Anna did have a seizure but as a result of that they did a CT scan which showed no clots and no bleeding in the brain. They will do another CT scan tonight to compare them just to make sure. Pray that everything looks norm...
al again. He also said that her brain is under a lot of stress and that she probably hasn't slept in days even though she has been sedated. Please pray that she will sleep.
She is still not conscious but did open her eyes this evening and focused on Dan when he was reading the Bible to her.
She is pretty agitated by the feeding tube in her nose, but they won't take it out until she wakes up and can swallow to eat. So, please pray she wakes up soon.
Please continue to pray for her kidney function to continue to improve, the drainage to stop from her abdomen, her blood levels to all return to normal, and no infection. Also pray that the heparin is regulated to the exact dose that she needs and that her sodium and potassium levels normalize.
Praise God that she continues to fight and her vital signs are very good.
We are praising God for you all and asking God to bless you as you stand with us in our journey.


  1. Hi Kristen. I so appreciate your updates on Anna! Thank you!! Can you please add me to the FB page with her updates! I know Anna and Brian and plan on bringing a meal,etc. I have my church praying for them,too. My names is Stephanie Kerkechian. email thank you again!

  2. Hi Kirsten,
    Can you add me too? I actually do not know them, but my friend from Moody is friends with them and she asked us to pray, so I've been following your blog for updates. I'd love to be added to know how to pray more accurately. Thanks so much, and we are praying!! (oh, and I spent 13 months in Africa doing missions. My heart is there!)


  3. If you're OK with adding total strangers, can you add me too? I first read about Anna and your blog on a FB friends wall and I have prayed for her and all of the family since, as well as reading your blog looking for updates. I'm Swedish, so I can testify that the Lord has moved even strangers in other parts of the world to pray!

    My name is Karin Hallberg. Email -
    FB profile -

  4. Thank you for your updates and for your love for Christ that you have shared so beautifully with all of us. We are rejoicing with all of you today as Anna went home