Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Obstacles...

Well, prayer warriors, we need your continued prayers.  It seems that this week has been one of many highs and many lows.  One step forward, two steps back.

Last night we were celebrating the victory of Anna opening her eyes and remaining alert for a full ten minutes.  Just before opening her eyes, she had become very agitated and called out, "Mama!"  My MIL immediately went over and held her hand, to which Anna squeezed it tight and nuzzled it close to her head.  Shortly after, her eyes opened.  She tracked Brian for a little and when he told her that Micah had been born, and was home, healthy, she teared up.  Much joy erupted in the room!!!  Charles called me and I was able to Facetime with Anna over the phone.  How amazing technology is!!!  I went to bed last night feeling hopeful and relieved. 

Fast forward to this morning. 

Here on the east coast we awoke to the news that Anna had had a seizure in the middle of the night.  The celebrating is put on hold while we wait the news of a CT scan sometime today.  Obviously, none of this is a surprise to God.  He knew this would happen and He is STILL in control.  We are trusting this morning in His perfect ways, even when we do not understand them.

Please continue to pray!!  Pray for wisdom and alertness for the doctors and techs.  Pray for Brian, that he would lean hard on the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to him.  And, of course, continue to pray for complete and total healing to Anna's body and mind.  Most of all, continue to thank God for His goodness.  All glory and honor to Him.



  1. we are praying in harrisburg for anna. much love and comfort from the Savior to you all.

  2. continuing to pray! May the Lord give you all His perfect peace in the midst of this storm.

  3. I know how scary it is. Almost 2 years ago we lost our son. I had a scare in losing over half of my blood volume after surgery. God was with us through it all. I will be praying for you guys.

    Amy -a friend of Shannon Blackwell's.

  4. I know where we stand as of Saturday night but still needing to read from your perspective as it always gives me a little more and fills in gaps. Thank you so much.