Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thank You!

Well, it has been quite a day for all of us.  Quite a week, really.  Full of highs, and lows.  And hope.  And sorrow.  All twisted and blurred together in one ginormous whirlwind.  There has been little sleep, and much praying.  I can't keep my eyes off of FB and email and text messages.  They have been coming in from all over the world.  Literally.  It has been such a crazy, surreal time....and I can't help but to wonder what God is up to. 

This blog that we started less than a year ago, was originally meant as a tool to be used to share the progress of our adoption journey.  Normally after a post, I'd get about 50 or so hits.  The past three days ALONE, we have gotten over 10,000 hits on our blog.  It is insane!!!  I can't wrap my brain around the amount of people who are watching and praying.  We've had strangers reach out to us.  Neighbors.  Family.  Friends.  A good friend from our small group stopped by tonight with a meal.  My sister-in-love set up meals for us for the entire time Charles is gone.  Our small group raised enough money for a plane ticket.  Friends and family have offered playdates with my kids.  The list goes on and on.

And we are just absolutely humbled and stunned   BY.  IT.  ALL. 

Thank you everyone for your love and concern for our family.  It has truly been confirmation that God's people are meant to be the ministering hands and feet of Jesus.

We haven't heard much in terms of any updates on Anna.  Things remain the same for now.  Surgery went well today, her vitals are stable and there is no bleeding.  The doctor has also said that he feels like she has turned a corner as far as the DIC is concerned.  Continue to pray for NO bleeding, NO infection, for the blood clots to dissolve and for her blood counts to improve.  We did learn that baby Micah was discharged this afternoon.  Charles' dad (affectionately known as 'Papa') took all the kids on a "field trip" today to the hospital to bring their new brother home.  What a sweet time. :)

Well, that is all for now.  Even though my mind is reeling, my body is weary.  Heading to bed. :)



  1. What a beautiful story of God's provision and love. Praise Him!

  2. Thanks for your updates. I just posted on the Preschoolers and Peace Facebook page so that more can be praying for the Petersons.

  3. We are all praying for Anna. The minute I saw her- a mother to 7 children- I thought, "Oh no! She is one of us!" (By "us" I mean a God-fearing woman who is open to God's planning in her life when it comes to children- no matter the number; which is unusual nowadays)I have 5 of my own. I just saw Ann'a beautiful face and her family portrait and immediately texted and posted requests for prayers for her on facebook. What a response!

    That night, I couldn't sleep due to a cold and I thought maybe God wants me to pray for Anna. So I did, right up until the alarm went off.

    A friend on facebook mentioned she remembered her from highschool and I thought- wait a minute- she went to highschool with me? I flipped through the year book pages and sure enough, there she was. Her hair was dark and curly then. I remembered her in my periphery. I saw her senior yearbook quotes and was touched by how -even then- what a faithful Christian she was while I was so lost back then. I continue to pray for Anna. You are all such loevley people. Your family is gorgeous and I will inlcude your adoption in my prayers.
    I have the utmost peace that Anna will come home, but i wont stop praying until she does. God bless you all!
    Victoria Garaitonandia-Gisondi