Saturday, January 7, 2012

Results of CT Scan

So for those following along on FB, this is old news, but the results of the CT scan came back this morning.  I have been busy with my kids all day, as Charles is still in CA, so I haven't had a moment to post yet.  Here is the latest, copied and pasted off a FB status:

CT scan shows no bleeding! What they believed to be a seizure they now think may have been a physical reaction to low potassium NOT a neurological reaction. The sedative dose they gave her is starting to wear off and she opened her eyes for one second. Dr. Says her brain is under a lot of stress. She probably hasn't slept in ten days despite the sedation, plus 5 surgeries, and gone through child birth. They are increasing pain meds to make her more comfortable. She may be groggy, but not under. Hopefully her brain will be able to rest.  Thanks again for your prayers as Anna journeys the road to recovery.

Thanks for all your prayers!



  1. Thank you, busy mama. You are all challenged in different ways right now and each one of you needs prayer!

  2. I am a friend of Anna's and have been loving your blog! Glory to God for Anna's continued (yet slow) recovery and the ripple affect it has had on so many! It excites me beyond measure! Just wanted to say how beautifully you write. You have a way of giving information (good & bad) and integrating scripture & God's Truth at the same time. It was WORSHIP for me! It's worship!!! God has given you a gift to glorify Himself! Keep it up! Praise God for all HE has done and will continue to do!

  3. Hi! This is Ashton - Samuel's friend. I hope Mrs. Peterson feels better.