Saturday, January 14, 2012

She's On Her Way Home!!!!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Anna is on her way home as we speak!!!!  Charles just got off the phone with his mom a little while ago.  They were checking out of the hospital and making their rounds to say goodbye to the countless doctors and nurses who assisted in saving her life.  Anna is doing GREAT!! Such an amazing day!!!! 

I will be certain to post more details later, but for now, just wanted to say......

Yay God!!!!



  1. Incredible! Wonderful! Praise God! We just left their home a couple of hours ago after weeding the flower bed out front and playing with the kids (lots of people doing lots of stuff there!)...thinking she was coming on Monday. This is fantastic news!! My son, Connor, just said, "Those kids will be so happy!" (He'd had a wonderful time out there this morning, working and then hauling kids in a wagon...and thoroughly enjoying Samuel. They even talked about Greek mythology and architecture (at Samuel's request)! "What a great kid," Connor said. :-)
    Thank you, thank you, for sharing this great news! And thank you, oh thank you God for your wonderful mercy poured out on us all!